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Our History

Idaho Springs Anglican Fellowship is.....

An Anglican Church with a long history going back to the consecration of the church in 1869, as the first church in Idaho Springs. Idaho Springs Anglican Fellowship, once named Calvary, has seen Idaho Springs expand with the Silver Rush and dwindle just as fast. The Church has gone through seasons of high numbers of parishioners to very few. There have been traveling itinerant priests, local priests, and shared priests. Idaho Springs Anglican Fellowship has continued to serve Idaho Springs for over 150 years. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is still preached, "For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life"and Holy Communion is still given.

Idaho Springs 1890.jpg

Idaho Springs late-1800s

1862 a congregation

The hard and fast living of the early gold and silver rushes of Colorado saw whole towns built overnight and disappear just as fast. Idaho Springs began with a Silver Boom but also became a gateway for supplies as miners pushed farther into the Rocky Mountains. In Summer of 1862 a congregation of around 50 elected a vestry for the fledgling church and was visited by Bishop Talbot, Missionary Episcopal Bishop of the Colorado Territory.

1866 land is purchased
a building

On July 11th 1866 a lot was designated for a future church building on 14th Avenue, where the current congregation still meets. A wood building was soon built and consecrated on July 15th, 1869. Father Jarvis served as the first Pastor, while also serving in Central City, Nevadaville, and other locations around Idaho Springs.


Easter 1879 (old building)

1900 the turning of a

The turning of a century saw a new time of change as mining became more industrialized and large growth booms slowed. This season the church saw priests and deacons from Georgetown, Golden, and Central City come and serve. 

Visiting Priest 1892 (old building)

1926-1940 a fire, a new building, and a new era...

Sorrow came in 1926 with a fire that would destroy the old building. The church was a total lose except the altar and bell. A new building was built in a Spanish Mission design in the 1930s. This season saw a time of renewal and growth with Idaho Springs supporting a full-time clergymen again but as the 1940s and 1950s came so too did a dwindling congregation which would create the need for service to be held by different clergy from other churches. Yet again another chapter in the life of the church began in the 1970s and 1980s. Concern with the continue progressive movement of the Episcopal Church and overreach of forcing congregations to merge saw the breaking away and reorganization of the church as Saint John's Church. The congregation had to purchase the building back from the Dioceses of Colorado and a season of independence would follow.

Calvary Church circa 1938.jpg

New Building 1938

2022 a new chapter....

The church rejoined the Anglican Communion in 2022 after more that

40 years of being independent, after leaving the Episcopal Church. Idaho Springs Fellowship reorganized and joined the Anglican Church of North America officially in 2022. In 2022, Father Joe Acanfora took the post as Vicar of Idaho Springs Anglican Fellowship. 

2022 The Vestry Board: Bonnie, Rich, and Susan with Deacon Josh Nelson - Officially Joining ACNA

2023 excitement in Idaho Springs....

In 2023 the church has seen help from the Anglican Church of North America and oversight from Emmaus Anglican Church in Castle Rock, Colorado. Cleaning, fixing, remodeling, and hopefully revival are taking place in our old church. 

We would love for you to visit.....

Sunday Service 2023 with Father Joe Acanfora

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